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Hot Stone Therapy

Transform Wellness Studio uses Holistic Healthcare to help people achieve optimal wellness. After struggling for many years with my own personal health challenges, I decided to take my transformation into my own hands. By focusing on the cause of dis-ease in the body, rather than only symptoms, we can move toward Whole Body Healing.

By offering a combination of Health Coaching, Massage Therapy, and Craniosacral Therapy, the connections between inner and outer balance can be addressed. I find out what your needs are, and develop your sessions accordingly.

Nutrition and Lifestyle Health Coaching that focuses on helping people achieve optimal health through real food, real movement, and rediscovering the joy in their lives.


Therapeutic massage therapy that is unique for each person and their specific needs.


A gentle bodywork technique that releases restrictions in the tissues that surround the central nervous system.

Transform Wellness Studio


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